New Toys

Got meself some new toys to play with!

1. Downhill skis – ok Jeff got me those for Christmas, and I’ll get to put them to use when we head out to Colorado and Whistler next month. Yipee! All we need now is a gigantic snow dump. POWDER please!

2. Cross-country skis! Picked up the set at Play It Again Sports today at a decent price. I’m so excited to use them, only, the weather forecasts temperatures rising to the 50s by the end of the week. WTF. I’ll say it again, WTF.

3. Slack-line. I can’t wait to bust it out by the lake! Well, if temperatures do go up to the 50s, I suppose it’ll be warm enough for me to use it. Failing that, I’m hoping to take private tight-wire lessons with the instructor who taught us acrobatic yoga at the trapeze school. She owns that tight-wire set up we played on during student appreciation night and it was so much fun! Acrobatic yoga, by the way, is such a blast! Jeff and I did our first class with Chris today, and we amazed ourselves by the different flying positions we could get into! Nothing crazy, just poses like the picture below, but we had so much fun we’re signed up for another class next week and we’ve convinced Kayla and Dennis to give it a whirl too. Hehe.



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