Maria Stuarda at the Met

I went online to buy tickets to Maria Stuarda as soon as we bought tickets to fly out to New York, about a month and a half ago. But the matinee performance of Maria Stuarda was almost sold out by then, so the only seats I could snag were the box seats.

At least it gave us a new perspective of the opera house and the orchestra pit, if not the stage itself. Haha. We could only see half the performance, which was fine I guess, if this was a standard repertoire that we’d seen before. Nonetheless, the music and drama were first-rate. The singing was uniformly first rate – the three leads (Joyce Didonato as Maria, Elza van den Heever as Elizabeth, and Matthew Polenzani as the impotent but sweet Leicester), and the chorus. Our favorite scenes were of course the deliciously bitchy confrontation between two queens at the end of Act 1, and the scene where Maria, having been handed her death sentence, struggles to come to peace with it.

We’d be back again next year if the Met shows the third of Donizetti’s queen series, Roberto Devereux, since we saw both the first two here (Anna Netrebko in Anna Bolena last year; it’s hard to decide which I like better right now). 🙂
Joyce DiDonato’s blog post about the performance…



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