Snow day in Whistler

We awoke at 530am on Monday, raring to hit the slopes. At seven sharp, we joined the throng of others at the breakfast line. Everyone was eager to get first tracks. Supposedly, the lifts only started at 830am, but by 8am, we had strapped on our skis and skied out of our ski-in-ski-out lodge to the bottom of the hill.

We were let on early. Yay! Such an exhilarating feeling to have the freshly groomed runs to ourselves. It hadn’t snowed in a whole, so the snow was hard packed. Consequently, we simply flew down the mountain. I never lost control, but I certainly was skiing at much faster speeds than I was comfortable with.

It’d started to snow though. Flurries at first, then the flakes started increasing in size and speed. By early afternoon, we opted to get off the peak and ski mid mountain, where the shadow of the trees helped define the otherwise flat white light. It was getting disconcerting skiing above the tree line in poor visibility, since we could hardly tell a change in incline until we were on top of it.

Fun times though!





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