Beautiful Day to Ski the Nordic Trails

After a dry start, we’ve been getting great snowfall. đŸ™‚ It snowed pretty much everyday this past week, so we knew that there’d be plenty up in South Kettle Moraine for some cross-country ski action this weekend.

Jeff and Aaron on the trail

Jeff and Aaron on the trail

We’d set up a ski date with Roger and Tracey a couple months ago, and at the last minute, Chris, Aaron and Y were all game to join in as well. We drove up in 3 separate cars but everyone arrived at the trail head within minutes of each other.

It was Aaron and Y’s first time, so we started out on a flat 3.2 mile loop. There was plenty of snow on the ground, but the trail was somewhat chopped up from the morning already; the ranger at the parking entrance had expressed surprise at how crowded it was. Happily, there wasn’t that much traffic on the trails by the time we got there.

Great workout – and it was such a beautiful day too. Brilliant blue skies above the spindly trees bent under the weight of popcorn snow. We might have put Aaron and Y on too hilly a section the second loop we did though… they looked ready to collapse by the middle.

The rest of us did another short loop at the end to build up some sweat, before we trooped to Whitewater’s best restaurant in town, The Black Sheep, for some well deserved beer and burgers.


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