La Triviata!

Saw on FB that the Chicago Lyric Opera Young Professionals were hosting an opera trivia night, La Triviata. Sounded fun! Even though we thought we stood no chance of winning, I signed us up. After all, this was a chance to meet other opera lovers more our age, and Elizabeth Futral, the Lyric’s most recent Musetta in La Boheme up close. Plus, there was free food and drink. 🙂

We arrived promptly at 6pm and spent the next hour pleasantly snacking on the generous array of charcuterie, canapés and other delicious appetizers and wine. At 7pm, everyone filed into the beautifully appointed dining room and formed into groups of 4-5. Since we were two, the organizers paired us with two other guys, which turned out to be most fortuitous in our favor. 🙂

One of them used to work in the finance department at the Lyric, overseeing the budgeting for stage props and costumes. He had in fact written the trivia questions the year before!

The questions themselves weren’t as difficult as we’d anticipated. In fact, the first round of questions were more Chicago-related. We had to guess easy gimmes like what happened in 1871 in Chicago; the famous Chicagoan who was offered a scholarship to Joffrey Ballet but who turned it down to attend a liberal arts college etc.

The second round involved questions on arias – and top 40 pop hits. Haha. I knew all the arias, but was stumped on the pop songs. Together, we nailed that round though!

The third round involved guessing who were baritones who had performed at the Lyric, and who were NHL players. Haha the questions were more difficult than we’d thought, although we had gimme when Elizabeth stumbled on pronouncing the name of a NHL player.

The last round was a plug for Lyric’s next season lineup. And then we anxiously awaited the results. We’d only two questions wrong in the four rounds, and had to be in the running to win!

When Elizabeth announced that we’d come in third, hehe I couldn’t help but let out a squeal of excitement. Yippee! All thanks to our two teammates!

The champions were awarded bottles of champagne and tickets to Oklahoma. We got to go into the swag closet to pick out prizes. Hehe. Jeff got a leather-bound notebook and I picked a picnic blanket that folds into a bag. Perfect for Ravinia and Millennium Park concerts in the hopefully-to-come-soon warm weather. 🙂





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