Trampoline Land


One might have thought, the day after jumping around madly for an hour on a floor of interconnected trampolines, that the stomach and quad muscles might be sore.

Oh no. It’s my arms, shoulders and back that are killing me! I must have been way too tensed when jumping, keeping my back too straight.

In any case, we had a swell time! Jeff had read about this place out in the suburbs, Sky High Jump, that has entire walls and floors covered with trampolines. If this is not every kid’s – and adult’s – fantasy come through I don’t know what is. So one sunny Saturday morning, we drove out to the burbs, and signed up for their 50 minutes airobics class.

We didn’t learn any fancy tricks (which would have been awesome), but instead, we spent the hour quite vigorously doing high jumping jacks, high butt kicks etc. They claimed that one can burn 1000 calories an hour doing airobics; I’d gladly accept 500!

We’ve bought a pack of 10 passes ( a bargain at $50!) for more weekend fun. 🙂


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