Slacklining by the Lake

I finally got to use my slack line!!! Not once, but twice this weekend!

Since I had Good Friday off, and Thomas was in town visiting, we left Jeff and Rachel in the office while we headed out to VE to climb. We put in a couple hours of solid climbing, but all the while we couldn’t help but think we should have been outdoors instead. For the first time this year, spring truly was here – the sun was shining and it was almost t-shirt weather.

Thomas was up for going along with me to the lake front to help me break out the slack line for the first time. The set up is actually pretty simple, though it took us almost twenty minutes to puzzle out the directions the first time.

Having walked the tight wire three times now, the wobbly slack line took some getting used to. I made it only halfway across Friday. Still, we both had a blast though.

Although the forecast promised rain Saturday, it looked to be later in the evening, so Jeff and I beat it to the lake front again Saturday afternoon. After hearing Thomas and I rave about how much fun we had, Jeff was keen to give it a try himself.

His first couple attempts were somewhat wobbly, but by the end of our initial hour and a half, he was very at home on the line. By then, both our legs were tired, so we packed up the gear, and hopped a few trees over where another group was playing on their slack line. They were really friendly folks – and climbers too we learned. They invited us to hang out and grill with them too.

Just then, I checked my phone and saw that Rachel and Thomas had called. They wanted to stop by to play on the line too, they said, if we were still out. So we headed back to our two trees and restrung the line (by now a two minute affair).

Much fun and shrieks of laughter! The four of us jumped on dozens of time each, until the wind picked up and the temperatures dropped.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to go out to play again next weekend!

One day, I hope to try high lining:


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