Tight wire and trapeze lessons

All in all, two great classes today.

Tight Wire
Turnarounds are much more stable; I’m learning to fight my balance and even shift my weighted foot around on the wire to get into a better position.

Passing the hula hoop through my body – still needs work. But it appears to be easier if I hold the hoop in my right hand first.

It’s getting easier to walk backwards and go into the stag position.

We learnt to keep our feet turned out on the wire – set up for running and jumping. Indeed, you almost have to start running forward to maintain balance with turned out feet. I was able to sort of dance back and forth quickly in that stance.

Finally, and most exciting, I learnt and managed to get from a standing position, to a kneeling one, to a sit, and to lying flat on the wire before sitting back up again. 🙂

Some inspiration:

Flying Trapeze
Turnaround was better – I have to really force out on the second swing and wait until I have fully extended before I turn.

The cutaway was better too – although sometimes I forget what I’m doing and have to take another swing to get into position.

We had three catch rounds today. On the first, I managed to grab the bar with one hand again (as in Sunday’s make up class). Just need a bigger push. And watch my feet! The other two turns were disasters. I have got to slow down and not get ahead of myself!


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