Better late than never start to spring



Our plan had been to spend the weekend down climbing in Kentucky, but the prospect of driving 7 hours south to uncertain weather didn’t appeal to anyone. So we treated our cabin rental as sunk cost and decided to spend the weekend in sunshine instead. Spring has been late to come to the midwest this year. The cherry blossoms were already in full bloom a couple weeks ago when we visited New York, but only this weekend did we see the first green buds on the trees. Still, better late than never.

It was a glorious spring day too – high in the 70s, sunny with nary a cloud in the sky. We drove the couple hours to Warren Dunes State Park in Michigan, with a quick stop at Walmart along the way to pick up a frisbee and Jeff’s first kite. When we reached the park, Aileen was already there with Sadie, her dog, strolling along the relatively empty beach.

We played near the water’s edge for a bit, with the football Rachel brought, and the frisbee and kite, before I wandered between some still barren trees and strung up the slackline. Hehe. I thought we’d just spend an hour tops playing in the line, but we had just way too much fun trying to learn all kinds of tricks – with limited degrees of success, but with much hilarity – that it was late afternoon before we thought to hike up the dunes.






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