Another tightwire and trapeze recap

Fun class today. The other student was a no show, so I got Jen all to myself. πŸ™‚ Funny… my first five minutes on the tightwire was somewhat of a fiasco. I couldn’t seem to walk more than two steps before I’d lose my balance and fall off. FAIL. I don’t know if it was because my body had become used to the “slackline stance”. But then I used the paper umbrella, and managed to focus.

Practiced walking with my feet turned out on the line, and started learning to pass the hula hoop through my body while in a kneeling position on the wire. Also, we began working on a short and simple routine: walk across the line, style, then walk back to the middle of the wire and move into the sitting, then lying position. After I’ve stood up from that position, walk backwards on the line to the platform again, whereupon Jen would toss me the hula hoop and I’d walk back to the center and attempt to pass it through my body, stand up, turn around and walk back to the platform.

We also practiced a tandem walk: we’d stand on opposites ends of the platform and walk towards one another. She’d then turn around and I’d follow her back to her end of the platform. Fun stuff. πŸ™‚

Flying Trapeze
I had a couple of good swings and good takeoffs from the platform. Yay. Note to self: Lift the chest up and jump “backwards” into a seven position at the takeoff. And keep the legs straight on the sweep back.

Spent the rest of the class practicing the cutaway trick. My timing’s pretty decent for the most part, but I always can’t help but scream when I let go of the bar into a spin. Gah. Steve and Shawn let me attempt the catch, not just twice, but three times – yay! Not so yay – I didn’t get any catches (timing issues, gah), and after my second catch, realized that my hands had ripped and I’d bled on the bar. Oops. We had to change out the bar heh.


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