Of sailing, slack lining, flying trapezing, and fire eating

What a weekend! It was amazingly fun – all the more so because it was so random and spontaneous!

Just the day before, Roger and Tracey asked us if we’d like to go sailing. We readily agreed, since this was also the last weekend where the Chicago Sailing Club was giving free checkouts. Aileen joined us as well, so we had a merry crew of five.

Alas, the advertised winds of 10-15 knots were nowhere to be found closer to shore. A couple miles out, the match race boats had their spinnakers fully flared out, but it didn’t look like we could get to where they were without some motor help. After aimlessly sailing for a bit – and swatting at the pesky flies that are out in force this time of the season – we decided not to utilize our third free hour and returned to the dock instead.


Slack lining…
The weather was too beautiful to go back indoors however – sunny, but cool – so we trooped out to the point, where Roger set up his slack line by a gorgeous pink tree next to a field of dandelions.




We played on the line for over an hour, before I reluctantly had to leave for my trapeze performance. I was somewhat tempted to blow it off actually, just so I could stay out for longer…

Wild Wild West Trapeze
But I’m glad I didn’t, because the show was SO MUCH FUN! We’d voted for a Wild West Theme, and it was so fun to see everyone’s get up: Indians, cowboys, and a horse!

I attempted the cutaway trick, though I unfortunately missed both my catches… Not quite sure why that was the case, since I thought I had done a pretty good job driving my legs through the turn. But any disappointment with that was wiped out when I did my split catch, turned around, and CAUGHT THE RETURN BAR!!! My trapeze friends were behind the platform watching, and they said the surprised reaction on my face was just priceless. Hehe, I just remember my mouth wide open in shock. 🙂

Jeff came to watch the show (thanks! :)), but afterwards he decided to go home while I went out with the crew for some alfresco beer and burgers.

Fire Eating…
As the party broke up, Steve invited us to walk to his apartment to “eat some fire”. Haha, five of us couldn’t resist. He got us practicing pushing the unlit stick with its wad of gauze into our mouths a dozen times first, before he lit up his stick and demonstrated the process. My.


I then nervously took the lighted stick he offered me, and gingerly brought the flames towards my mouth. It’s kinda terrifying to stare those dancing flames in the eyes as they come closer to you, but as Steve warned, it would be scarier with my eyes closed. The first time, I yanked the stick from my mouth in a panic as soon as the flames tickled my lips, although I’d barely felt them.

After the others took a turn, all of us with varying degrees of nervousness, we gave it another go. This time around, Steve guided our hands down, gently but firmly pushing the aflame stick into our mouths until our teeth closed around the gauze and the flames extinguished. Save for a “hot pizza”-like burn in the roof of my mouth, we were unscathed. 🙂

Video of my third attempt… heh, I didn’t quite dare to push the stick all the way in, and kept it hovered near my lips, until Steve gently pushed it in deeper. Then poof!

After we’d all attempted eating fire a few times each, we trooped back indoors and busted out Chris’s house warming present to Steve – homemade giant Jenga!

Spontaneous weekends can’t get much more fun than this!


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