Second City at the Lyric


Back in January, we’d gone to the one-time performance of the Second City Guide to the Opera, starring Renee Fleming and Patrick Stewart. That sold out show was very well received, so the cast went all out and decided to stage a one-month performance.

This time around, they decided on a more intimate staging. Instead of sitting the audience in the 3,500-seat auditorium, we were seated, Second City style, at small tables and couches on the main stage itself. That was cool. The performance itself was on a small elevated platform at the front of the stage, but you could still see behind the translucent curtains the lit up auditorium.

We went brought a bunch of friends this time, and splurged on a bottle of cava and a bottle of Malbec, along with some chips and cheeses. 🙂 They loved it, overall. On our part, we were a tad disappointed that they used most of the same skits. I’d have liked to see a more in-depth stand up dissecting specific operas, ala Anna Russell… but since the performances were aimed to attract a broader audience to opera, I think they met their goal.

Afterwards, Sandy, Chas, Jeff and I ventured up north to Chicago Kalbi for a late night supper. Mmm kalbi!


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