Learning the uprise

Finally, after months of seeing some of the others in class work on their forward over and uprise pump shoot, I decided I had to learn the uprise too. It’s my goal for this Intensive Flying Workshop session. That, and returning to the bar (and maybe even board) with a legs catch.

I first tried the trick outdoors, under the patient tutelage of Pete, Chris, and Shawn. That day, I didn’t get anywhere close to the bar, and had to do what the others have jokingly dubbed the penny roll of shame to get the lines outside of the bar.

Uprise: The flyer swings off the board and sweeps back really hard with his legs as he swings back towards the platform again. He then gets into a mini seven position, with his legs just in front of him, before driving his legs back, and pushing his torso forward and over the bar. From that position, he keeps his arms straight by his sides until the catcher yells pump shoot!, at which time he pushes himself off the bar and into the catcher’s waiting hands. (in a forward over catch, the flyer launches himself off the bar in a somersault before opening up and reaching for the catcher)

Penny Roll: The flyer swings off the board, and at the front apex of the swing, puts her legs up and over the board into a knee hang position. As the bar swings back towards the platform, she slides her legs down the bar and pulls herself up into a seated position. At the next apex of the swing, she flattens out her body into a plane, and at the catcher’s calls, rotates off the bar into his arms.

Anyway, my first experience trying the uprise wasn’t too traumatizing – I’d friends who had smashed their noses trying to land on the bar. The second class last week though, was a little more brutal on my body. My ribs were bruised from repeatedly slamming onto the bar; my wrists were rubbed raw by the lines, and my heels banged up from hitting the platform. I was somewhat shaken up from those few attempts, and couldn’t even hold my layout when I decided to switch to another trick.

Yesterday though, I ignored my nervousness and decided to try again. After all, everyone else managed to learn it. With their encouragement, I climbed back up the ladder and mentally rehearsed the steps I needed to follow. Wham! I slammed my lower waist onto the bar this time. It wasn’t pretty, and I wobbled dangerously from it a few times, but hey, I was in position!

So much fun. Hehe. Now I just need to work on styling the trick – keeping my legs nice and straight and tight getting into position like Chris and Merrill. But at least, progress.


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