Trapeze Tuesday: Uprise and Legs

Whoopee! Mage strides on my uprise tricks today, even though I didn’t think my head was in the game initially. But I did manage to get into position on every turn, and had my arms straight and ready to pump myself off the bar. Still need to work on keeping my legs tight and straight on the heels though, but I reckon if I keep it up, I could try catching that trick next week! Maybe. 🙂

One other note to self: I should try serving myself the bar with my left hand instead. After countless of bad takeoffs with a right-handed serve where I leaned forward instead of keeping my chest up, I thought I’d try using the other hand. After all, Birgit also agreed that my left-handed takeoff for the cutaway trick was better. And it worked! I only tried it once, with a backed split trick, but I’m going to do it for all my tricks next week, just to see.

Did the legs catch again for the catch round, and on that second attempt, I got the return bar! Yay!!!! Next time, I’m gonna aim to get back to the platform.

Good class!


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