Evening with Lightroom

Besides learning how to use my new Sony RX 100 (incidentally, in a couple of days, Sony’s releasing the second generation of this model… but at $100 dearer, I don’t quite mind), I’m also learning how to more effectively use Adobe Lightroom for post processing.

And Lightroom makes a huge difference!

Colorado Lightroom Original
Here’s the original photo from my camera (I used the aperture mode with auto WB)

Colorado Lightroom Edited
Here’s the edited version in Lightroom! Essentially, I tweaked the exposure using the graduated filter, and pushed up the brightness of the green.


3 thoughts on “Evening with Lightroom

    • yes. i’m less amazed by some of the stunning photographs i see out there now that i know a little more about their post processing tricks. hehe.

      btw, love your food shots – the wb is awesome! what’s your trick

  1. Me too, I have a newfound respect for film photographers after learning one could do so much post-processing techniques nowadays.

    I’m still trying to improve my food shots, but learnt that ample natural lighting and raw images help a lot.

    Your Colorado pics are gorgeous! šŸ™‚

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