Happy Independence Day

July 4th fell on Thursday this year. This year, we elected to stay in town, since Jeff’s going on vacation the week after. On Wednesday evening, we braved the terrible traffic to head to the northwest suburbs where Joe had invited us to his parents’ place within a golf community to watch fireworks.

We finally arrived after a 2 hour drive, and settled down for a simple but hearty fare of fried chicken, mac n cheese, sausages etc. Whilst waiting for the sun to set, we set up the slack line, which was an immediate hit with all of Joe’s little nieces and nephews. They were all over it for about a half hour, until us bigger kids finished with our meal and slowly took the line back over. Hehe. We also managed to get Joe’s parents’ to try walking the line! Best party game ever. 😀

At a quarter past 9pm, his parents ushered everyone onto the fairway right in front of their house, where we set up blankets and camper seats. The display started right on schedule, barely 20 feet away from us! What a treat! We oohed and aahed appreciatively for the next ten minutes as the sparks blossomed directly overhead.

From June 2013 – First 30 Days with the Sony RX100

I love that this looks like a macro infra-red shot of a dandelion…

From June 2013 – First 30 Days with the Sony RX100

On July 4th itself, Jeff had to work (he opted to use the holiday as a vacation day next week). But I was free, so early afternoon, I hopped on my bike and made my way over to the trapeze rig, and set up my slack line by some trees. Chris stopped over to play for a bit, as did Shawn, who showed us his tricks. Kayla arrived soon after, and we played on the line for about an hour until trapeze class. 😀

From June 2013 – First 30 Days with the Sony RX100

…where I caught my first uprise trick!!!! YEAH! Now to work on tightening up that trick so my legs are nice and straight the entire way…

From June 2013 – First 30 Days with the Sony RX100

A chill way to celebrate the 4th. Hehe, after, Jeff and I elected to stay home and cook chicken rice and open a nice bottle of red for dinner, instead of crowding with everyone else to watch the official city fireworks display along the lake front.


One thought on “Happy Independence Day

  1. What a great way to spend the 4th! You got to see some great fireworks, with some great photos by the way, and do exactly what you wanted to do too! Thanks for sharing your day and photos with us!

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