Of slacklining, BBQ, and Zinfandel

Saturday afternoon: Roger messaged us, telling us of a slackline meet-up group that was meeting by the lake. Intrigued, and always game to meet other enthusiasts who could show me how it’s done, I biked over. They’d already set up 3 lines when I arrived, and I added a fourth. By the time Roger showed up, we had six different lines going, including a trick line, a surf line, and a 80 feet one-inch webbing line. What a blast! It was so cool to try all the different lines. I loved walking on the trick line. Made of a thicker material, it’s very bouncy, which is good for tricks such as jumping on the line. Of course, I wasn’t about to start trying that, but I did enjoy bouncing on the line seated… that is, until I lost my balance and fell backwards onto my back.

The surf line and the long line were really difficult, at least for me. For one, these lines were tied higher off the ground because there is a lot more slack in the middle of these longer lines. Consequently, it was much more difficult and scary to mount the line. But that’s the challenge I guess.

Initially, I’d planned only to stay for an hour or so, but it was just too much fun hanging out and watching everyone else practice tricks. There were people practicing yoga moves on the lines, people attempting to jump on the line, and curious passerbys and children who couldn’t resist giving it a try as well. So I finally got home past 3pm.

Just enough time for a quick nap, before we left for the Rs’ for BBQ and Zinfandel tasting on their deck. Great times as always. 😀


We started the evening with a bottle of rose H. Biliot (my favorite bubbly, especially since I visited the champagne house last spring), paired with straberries tossed with fresh mint from Y’s herb garden. Aaron whipped up some really juicy sliders on the grill, which went perfectly with our bottles of Zinfandel. Afterwards, some clouds rolled in and it started to drizzle a little, so we packed everything up and headed back indoors. But within a few minutes, it looked dry again, so we scooted out to their lower deck with more wine, a guitar, a couple shakers, and a drum.

Perfect way to pass a sultry summer evening!



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