Of circus and flying trapeze

Super fun performance at the Armory last night. As Kristin said, “When I first signed up for flying trapeze I didn’t think anything could be better than just flying… but the experience [has been] constantly heightened by the incredible attitudes of the students and teachers at TSNY Chicago.” Hear hear!

I loved the energy and enthusiasm everyone brought to the show, and after, when we gathered at a long, long table at Broadway Cellars, laughing together over good wine and food. All brought together by our irrepressible addiction to trapeze.

From Flying Trapeze

Jeff said it was one of the better shows he’d seen – in part because we’d all improved, in part because of the colorful costumes. Brian, as always, stole the show with the most hilarious costume. He was Brianna the bearded lady, complete with humongous balloon boobs. Besides the trapeze artists, we had the circus side shows of clowns, muscle men, lion and bear tamers, a leopard, an elephant, and even a fortune teller.

From Flying Trapeze

Hehe, pretty happy with my two tricks too! Like Karen said, success never tasted sweeter after 10 weeks of hard work and the unflappable support of everyone in the class.

From Flying Trapeze

Legs catch with return! My wig, despite the multiple pins I stuck on, flew off midway… So for my second trick, I just threw it down right before I took off.

From Flying Trapeze

Uprise catch

Looking forward to flying again Tuesday 😀


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