A Leisurely Ride along the Des Plaines River Trail

Last Saturday, we joined the Sinfelds for a bike ride along the Des Plaines River Trail.

The last time we had gone cycling together was over at Galena, and the unceasing rolls of hills nearly killed me. Fast forward two years: Jeff has been cycling regularly to work and back and S has been riding 10 miles every other day. I, on the other hand, hadn’t really taken my bike out this season at all. But oh well, I figured everyone could just ride the 42 mile round trip trail on their own pace.

It’s a flat but scenic route, along prairies and woodlands. We were plodding along fairly steadily, when, 15 miles in, Jeff realized that he had a flat. Alas. There wasn’t much we could do without a patch kit and spare inner tube. So the Sinfelds rode back home to pick up their car, while the pair of us wheeled our bikes 4 miles to the nearest parking lot.

In the meantime, we played a little with the camera, practicing panning shots. I didn’t get any good ones of Jeff – he was too blurred out – but he did manage a clear one of me. 🙂


Ah well, still a fun day nonetheless… and we got to go to the outlet malls just north of the border in Wisconsin to pick up some great bargains.


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