Chicago City Chase

Rachel managed to convince us to sign up for the Chicago City Chase, a race that styles itself somewhat after The Amazing Race (though I have to confess, I’ve never actually watched an episode…).

Still, it seemed fun, though I was a little nervous about the challenges we’d have to undertake. Rapelling/climbing? Bring it on! Letting bugs and rats crawl all over me? Errr, pass… Naked bowling? No thank you!

It turned out much milder than we expected though. We skipped the rappelling station. While it might have been cool to rap down the side of Navy Pier, we weren’t that enamored with the thought of long lines. We did however, have a fun time deciphering the clues to the different challenge stations and mapping out our routes. It was a beautiful sunny day to stroll around the city in too.

It took us under 6 hours (the cutoff was 6 hours) to hit the 10 out of the 25 stations, the minimum required to successfully complete the City Chase. Hehe our other friends, B&B, only managed 6 stations! But the winning team somehow managed to complete 10 challenges in 2.5 hours! They must have been flat out running between stations!

Our first stop brought us to Masonic Hospital, where the challenge was for one in our team to learn CPR and how to operate the AED, and impart it to the other.

From 2013 August Chicago City Chase

Thomas instructing Rachel on how to operate the AED

Our second station saw us strolling a few blocks south to a pub, where we had to beat the other teams in correctly answering 5 trivia questions. The boys relished this; thank goodness someone did, because neither Rachel nor I would have survived this station.

Our third station was also close by. This was a fun challenge – we had to play softball in a wheelchair. And for every throw that we missed, we had to lie a second in a a tab of ice. I’d never held a bat in my life, but managed to whack every ball that Jeff lobbed to me. 🙂

From 2013 August Chicago City Chase

Wheelchair softball

From 2013 August Chicago City Chase

Penalty ice box

We took a bus to Old Town next, where we had to complete our disgusting challenge of the day – crawling through a nylon tunnel littered with earth, live meal worms, and coins. We had to crawl the length of the tunnel to dig out exactly 12 cents in nickels and pennies. Ugh.

From 2013 August Chicago City Chase

Digging among live meal worms for 12 cents

Station 5 was a 10 minute walk away, and we got to ride hand-powered bicycles.

From 2013 August Chicago City Chase

Having fun with hand-powered bikes. Pretty fun, though a little difficult to steer… one girl actually tipped her bike trying to turn

Station 6 was just off the Newberry Libary downtown, and here we donned on viking and roman suits for a game of tug of war. Jeff and I were unfortunately paired up against a couple who towered over us; we didn’t stand a chance! On our second attempt though, we faced off another Asian couple. While they were still bigger than us, we managed to take them down both rounds. Hehe.

From 2013 August Chicago City Chase

Tug of war

Station 7 and 8 were pretty lame sponsor stations. The first was Capital 360 Cafe near the Viagra triangle, where we had to play a game of roll a die to collect exactly 100 pennies. The second was Chipotle in the west loop, where we had to race against another team to see who was the fastest in constructing a giant plastic burrito. At least, at this station, we walked away with bags of guacamole and chips – our real bit of food at 3pm after dashing around town.

By the time we walked to station 9, I’d blisters on both the bottoms of my feet. Bleah. At least we didn’t have to do any racing… the challenge here was to play a variation of “beer pong”. We had to shoot volleyballs into our opponents’ three plastic buckets. And for every shot that our opponents scored, we had down a concoction of vinegar and Worcester sauce. Jeff and I were pretty dismal at this game, only finally managing to win on our third game.

We hit station 10 with a half hour to spare. Here, we were each given a stick of butter and made to retire to separate corners of the field to sculpt an item from a pre-determined list. We then had to guess each other’s masterpieces. If we failed to guess, the sculptor had to eat a spoonful of butter. Hehe, Jeff and I did a pretty good job with ours, but it was hilarious to watch Rachel and Thomas’ increasingly desperate attempts to mash something out of the fast melting butter. In the end, no one could make out Thomas’s “fish”, so he had to eat butter.

From 2013 August Chicago City Chase

Butter sculpting

All in good fun!


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