Of cycling, apple picking, and wine tasting

We couldn’t have asked for sunnier weather on Sunday when we took a day trip with E&S out to Michigan for some cycling, apple picking, and wine tasting. It was a tad chilly, but nothing some riding couldn’t fix.

We mostly followed the 32-mile “Apple Cider Trail” in Three Oaks Michigan, deviating from it to explore Warren Dunes State Park. The trail was nice and flat, through still-green pastures with grazing cows, fields of dry corn stalks, and vines heavy with ripe grapes.





The winds were brisk at Warren Dunes State Park, but there were still small clusters of brave souls in bathing suits dipping their toes into the lake. We saw a lone paraglider hovering over the dunes, the winds keeping him floating almost stationary in mid-air; super cool.




After our ride, we grabbed a late lunch of yummy meat pies at a local restaurant in Three Oaks before hurrying to one of the dozens apple orchards in the area to pick up a few bags of the fruit.

And since we were kinda in the area, we stopped by Tabor Hill, a local winery, for some tasting. Hehe, thank goodness they close late at 9pm, since we arrived after 6pm. But that was nice, since we got to see the gorgeous sunset over the vineyards. And as luck would have it, we manage to snag one of the tables in the dining room overlooking the vineyard.

Another excellent trip with friends for the memory book!


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