By the fire

Winter hasn’t quite started yet – at least, the supermarkets haven’t begun stocking up on firewood.

Happily, we had enough from last season to get going. Last weekend, we had friends over two evenings in a row, for a simple evening of Asian fare before we retired to the fireplace for wine and board games. Give me quiet evenings at home anytime, over expensive and crappy alcohol in boisterous bars.

When Miles came over, he brought along a 2010 Denner Mother of Exiles. We had the 2009, so we busted it out for a vertical tasting. Fascinating stuff! Although we decanted both bottles, the 2009 was so much more open immediately, with a beautiful floral perfume. The 2010 took 4 more hours in the decanter to soften up. Definitely a wine to keep in cellar for a couple more years before drinking.

This weekend, we took a breather from wine and mixed bourbon cocktails (with orange bitters and ginger beer) to pair with a movie.

I love fall nights.


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