Out of This World

I was in another flying trapeze performance last Saturday, this one themed “Space: Out of This World!”

Thanks Jeff for always coming to support, even though this time I didn’t really have any new tricks up my sleeve. My attempts to learn the hip circle were quite disastrous, so I kept to the uprise pump shoot, and added a simple second trick, the hocks off. Aim was to try returning to the bar (and maybe even platform) with both tricks, but unfortunately I had some trouble with both. Almost fell off the bar with the hocks off for some reason, though I did make the catch. And I almost slipped off the bar on the uprise too, but surprisingly managed to recover and even caught the return bar with one hand.

Nonetheless, fun evening! Everyone had really awesome spaced-themed costumes, especially Kelly, who made her own astronaut outfit. Another memorable night for the books!



Kicked off another round of Intensive Flying Workshop (IFW) this week. Missing half my usual pals – half the class are relative newbies. But oh well, it’ll be fun to make new friends. Goal for this was to work on the hip circle again, but it’s getting old trying and failing. Steve suggested I learn the full twisting straight jump instead. Maybe I will; would be interesting to try something different for the next show at any rate.


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