Gu and Ting come to visit

Awesome weekend with family! My aunt and cousin flew into town on Friday evening (they almost missed their flight, because they went to the wrong airport, but thankfully they had just enough time to jump into a cab and hightail it to the correct one). After Jeff and I picked them up, we headed over to H-Mart to pick up some groceries for a hot pot dinner at home. It was a simple, but delicious and hearty meal. Digested in front of the fireplace.



The next morning, I brought my cousin to try the flying trapeze. 🙂 A heavy snow fall had come in during the night, and continued to fall even as we swiped the car free of snow. It was still too early in the morning for the snow ploughs to have worked all the streets, so the drive over to the rig was a slow and careful one. But it paid off though – most other students signed up for the class stayed in due to the weather, and so the 4 of us who flew had more turns than we really had the energy for. 😀

Ting loved it. That’s her in the picture above, with her blissful face and her hilarious toe socks that didn’t contain her toes (the point of wearing socks when flying is that it prevents your toes from accidentally getting caught in the net). I continued to work on my full twisting straight jump while my aunt had fun watching and laughing at our mishaps in the air.

We picked Jeff up after the class, and had a leisurely brunch at Endgrain, and then desserts at Jeni’s Ice Cream, before heading downtown for a bit of a walkabout.




From the Cloud Gate sculpture aka Bean, we strolled over to the Chicago Cultural Center. It’s a beautiful building, with gorgeous and intricate frescoes and friezes and glass-stained domes. The building hosts random free art exhibitions and concerts throughout the year, and when we were there, we chanced upon a yoga performance within a light and color exhibit, Shift.



The yogis silently went about their different movements in a room brightened with shifting rainbows of light. The audience moved through the room just as quietly, most, including us, finding seats along the wall to watch. These were the most advanced group of yogis I’ve seen. Beautiful forms. A couple of them also tried a bit of acro yoga.



When we finally tore ourselves away from the yogis, we found ourselves in a black room with shifting strips of white light. We couldn’t help ourselves, and proceeded to spend some long silly minutes playing with light and shadows.

I love random treats like that. 🙂




In the evening, Ting treated us to steak dinner at the ever dependable Tango Sur. I’d brought her there years ago, on her first visit to Chicago, and she couldn’t forget how she’d loved it back then. Another good meal for the books and memories!

Sunday, we brought them out to dim sum at Cai (awesome food, and we over ordered, with plenty of leftovers for a few more meals), and durian bubble tea at Joyees. The snow had finally stopped, but the chill had set in again. We did a quick stroll in the relatively warm Lincoln Park Consevatory (green house), and attempted to visit Lincoln Park. But the wind was too biting and the animals themselves hiding from the cold, so we gave up after a visit to the “South African” enclosure and headed back home for a movie and snack of empanadas from Empanada 5411 before we sent them back home.

It was such a lovely, if short, weekend visit. 😀


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