Quiet holiday in Chicago

It’s the eve of New Year’s eve already. That makes me sad. Perhaps it’s because it’s the close of another year. Or perhaps it signifies the relentless march of time, despite my desperate attempts to keep things as they are. More prosaically though, it means that the slow, peaceful weeks at work is about to end, and the madness of the new year is about to close in, stiflingly, again.

But enough of the gloom. Here’s some happy thoughts. We had a chill, but fun and deeply satisfying Christmas. The morning of, Jeff and I hustled over to H-Mart to pick up ingredients for our Christmas dinner. I’d wanted to try recreating my aunt’s delicious pecan pie, but alas, H-Mart didn’t quite have all the necessary ingredients for pie, and none of the other supermarkets (Wholefoods, Jewel, Trader Joe’s) were open. Another time then.

But we whipped up plenty of other dishes. None of them very Christmassy, but we were in the mood for Asian anyway: Mee siam, chicken curry, and beef bulgogi. We did also brew up some mulled wine. E&S and Rachel came over for dinner. E&S also gave us a surprise Christmas gift – Tribond, a trivia-pursuit-like board game. We broke it out after dinner in front of the fire, and spent a few happy hours yelling and laughing at one another.

My aunt sent us a miniature Christmas at the last minute, and it came out of the box complete with baubles and lights! 🙂




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