Deep Freeze


So, I’ve a lot to learn it seems, about how to survive in winter. When the weather channels and newspapers warned us about the polar vortex about to descend on the Midwest on Monday and Tuesday, I wasn’t quite fazed. I’ve spent full days ice climbing and skiing in -30 F temperatures, so was -45 F that scary?

So when I woke up Monday morning to significant train delays, I was bemused. Switches too cold? Could this happen? Normally, trains were delayed because of significant snowfall, but I’ve never heard of breakdowns due to the cold. Nor had I heard of thousands of flight cancellations, and highway road closures.

Monday evening though, we came home to frozen floor boards by the front windows. Literally, there was a thin layer of frost on the edge of those boards. Then the toilet in the master bathroom wouldn’t flush – the pipe that refills the water tank had apparently frozen. I googled for remedies and realized that when temperatures dipped, as a precautionary measure, I should open all my faucets and let the water drip, to prevent the pipes from freezing. The Singaporean in me balked a little at the thought of all that water literally going down the drain, but I did turn the faucets open, just a tad.

Fortunately for us here in Chicago, treacherous temperatures like this is more an aberration, than the norm in say, Fargo or Moscow. By Tuesday evening tonight, temperatures have already warmed up 30 degrees F, to a tolerable 0 F. Come Saturday, temperatures would have risen 70 degrees, to almost 40 F – warm enough for Jeff to do a 10k run!


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