A Taste of Spain


Inspired by the Wine and Food of Spain classes that we’re currently taking with Bill, and by the amazing spread our friends laid out for the Sherry tasting night a few weeks ago, we decided to try our hand at some Spanish dishes too.

Perfect opportunity for it – Saturday night dinner with Liguel, whom we haven’t seen since early December, before they left on their epic tour of Vietnam. So on Saturday afternoon after tennis, we headed out to Trader Joe’s in the heavy snowfall and got the necessary ingredients.

On the menu:
1) Olives with a bit of cheese and olive oil and bread to start
2) Kale chips (not Spanish, but whatever, we wanted to try recreating the fantastic chips we’d had at Fountainhead)
3) Risotto with cranberries (to add that Moorish touch to it)
4) Lamb stewed in white wine and milk
5) Almond cake

Popped open two bottles of Catalonia wines, a Priorat and a Monstant. Relaxing way to spend the evening catching up with friends.


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