Sunday Fun

What a lovely Sunday!

First, a spot of cross country skiing by Arrowhead Golf Club, and on the trails of the adjoining forest preserves. Jeff is definitely going to pick up a pair of cross country skis now, so we can work this into our Sunday routine while winter slogs on (he’d been holding out for a pair of skate skis, but those are rarer to find in stores and not as friendly as classic skis for un-groomed terrain). We were out on the trails for 2.5 hours, and had a blast soaking in the bright sunshine and sliding along the dry white snow.

From 2014 Winter in Chicago
From 2014 Winter in Chicago

After a quick lunch at the club house with our friends, we headed off for some indoor climbing. Motivation for all that indoor training – some multipitches in the Grand Tetons and Salt Lake City when we drive out this summer!

Next, a pit stop at Ginger and Garlic, our new favorite Chinese restaurant, where the two of us ordered 5 dishes – enough for at least another 2 meals!

As the sun set, we drove back into the city, stopping by Adler Planetarium in the hopes of watching the full moon rise over the frozen lake. Alas, after 1.5 hours of stomping around in the cold, all we glimpsed was the merest sliver of red in the far off horizon before the moon disappeared behind the clouds. At any rate, we did have some fun playing with the camera.

From 2014 Winter in Chicago
From 2014 Winter in Chicago

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