In past years, every long weekend was an excuse to get out of town. But since Jeff’s workplace decided to give their employees floating holidays, he’s elected to use them at other times instead. So this President’s Day, I found myself in the city.

I had a relaxing and fulfilling day in. Woke up at my usual time, and had a leisurely but luxurious breakfast of coffee and bread with fresh tomato paste, jamon and orange marmalade (yes, still continuing our Spanish theme). Did some errands about the house and shot off a couple emails, read a little, ate lunch, and took a nap.

At 2pm, I looked out the window and the snow was still coming down hard, like it had been all morning. So I donned on the layers and grabbed my camera. I was about to slip on my cross country ski boots, but at the last minute, decided to just go for a stroll instead, so I headed out the door with just the camera.

From 2014 Winter in Chicago

Streets look more romantic in black and white

It was a tough walk just to the lake front in the uneven snow. And the winds blowing the thick snow directly into my eyes didn’t help either. But it was peaceful out.

From 2014 Winter in Chicago

Argh, I wish there was an easy/effective way in Lightroom to get rid of water spots!

I saw only two cross country skiers on the golf course today. But I envied them and somewhat regretted not bringing my skis. It would have made ping around that much easier! Still, I enjoyed myself playing with the camera, until my eye lashes got too wet and heavy with snow.

From 2014 Winter in Chicago

It was fun tramping about the mid-calf deep snow along the lake front, that is, until I saw a flash of lightning down the middle of the fairway close to where I was. Ugh. Decided it was prudent to turn around then, but the deep snow made for slow going. Thankfully, no more rumbles of thunder after that!


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