Stranded in Chicago

I was supposed to be in New York this weekend, watching the opera Werther, and meeting my niece for the first time. Instead, thanks to heavy fog in New York, my flight, and all other flights headed out to NYC Friday evening, was cancelled. And incredibly, there wasn’t a single seat available in any airlines for Saturday morning. Nada.

Super bummed, but oh well. Assuming Jonas Kaufman doesn’t catch a cold, I will get the chance to hear him sing live in Chicago in a few weeks, and the niece will still be waiting when we head over again to visit in May. At least it’s just a weekend trip to NYC, and not a real vacation, like say, Belize, where our dive boat would have to cast off without us. That would really, really, really stink.

At least Jeff got out before the weather closed in.

Made the most of freed-up time at any rate. A coworker found herself suddenly free on Friday evening too, so we spontaneously decided to go out for dinner together. It was fun, getting to know her, since otherwise we haven’t interacted much at all despite sitting across from the other.

On Saturday, I slept in and lounged about in bed the whole day, reading, before donning on the layers and trudging to the lakefront to try to take some sunset shots. Alas, it was too cloudy, so the light was too flat. I waited in the cold though, stomping my feet to keep them from getting numb, until the sun officially set.



Afterwards, grabbed dinner in the suburbs with a bunch of friends. Some climbing tomorrow before I pick up Jeff from the airport. Hopefully no more flight dramas!



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