Trapeze and other circus fun

Last Friday, TSNY Chicago invited us frequent flyers to the rig for an evening of fun. “Student Appreciation Night”, they called it. It was awesome. We were broken up into small groups of 3-4, and over 2 hours, rotated around the different circus-y apparatus to play on.

I squeezed in 3 turns on the flying trapeze, continuing to work on my full twisting straight jump. Happy to report that I’m making some solid progress – I’m keeping my legs tight together in the turns! Haha.

Had fun on the trampoline, did some acro yoga, and played on the static trapeze and lyra. But my favorite station of the evening was the tightwire. For the last half hour of the evening, we could play at whatever station we wanted, and I spent it all with T. on the tightwire. Everyone else was hanging out on the flying trapeze or the trampoline, so I got in plenty of practice time. Ahhh. It’s been too long, but I’ve missed it so! Personally, tightwire is so much easier than the slackline. I still can’t stand from a sitting position on the slackline, but it’s relatively easy on the tightwire.

Afterwards, most of us trooped down the street to Steve’s favorite bar for more fun and laughter, this time over food and drinks.


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