Back on Dry Land

… and still missing the ocean. But we can’t imagine leading the life of our captain Megan either, who decided to move from California to live 2 months at a time on a boat. I can see the fun, of calling the ocean home, of endless opportunities to play under the sea, but we don’t have her energy. There are days where we’d like nothing better than to stay in bed all day, napping or reading, and not to have to talk to a single soul. She doesn’t have that luxury – with guests on board every day and night of the week, her game face has to be on 24/7. It’s humbling and inspiring really.

In any case, we are definitely still on that diving high, still researching the different liveaboards that we want to do, all the places we want to explore. When will there be time to stop and have kids? Just thinking about it depresses me. Are people ever really ready to have children? Or do they simply just shrug and square back their shoulders and grit their teeth and do it because there never will be a good time? And if the latter’s the case, why do they want children then? I still don’t know that I do, other than because it “seems to be the next thing to do, in life”. Which in of itself doesn’t seem like a sound reason.

Anyway, I hadn’t intended to go down this path of thinking, on this lovely Saturday where I could have been out enjoying the budding of spring. But I’m nursing a persistent cold (developed this week only, thankfully), and trying to sleep out the excesses of last night’s game night (trivia pursuit that got tossed aside for the game of smart ass because we’re intellectual like that). I guess I couldn’t have dove anyway, even if I wanted to.


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