Old California Cab Tasting


We hosted a wine tasting at our place this past Friday: “Old California Cabs”. David brought 3 cabs, 1 Meritage, and 1 Merlot for us to blind taste. Jeff and I bagged the wines in brown paper bags, and our group of 9 sat around the table laden with food: brisket, BBQ ribs, Chinese-style ribs, everything-salad, cheeses, fresh fruit and berry crumble.

It was a fun evening. When the wines were revealed, C and I correctly guessed all 5! šŸ™‚ Hehe. Everyone else, for some reason or other, mistook the Round Hill Select Cab with the Rutherford Merlot. The 1972 Franciscan was easy to identify – from its cloudy brownish hue, to the sediments in the glass. This first ever released vintage from the winery still tasted fine though, and was fun to compare against the current release 2011 Franciscan that C kindly brought along to share.







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