Honey Moon


I think it speaks to how brutal and unfriendly the weather has been in Chicago that when X came into town for the weekend, everyone she met remarked repeatedly – and I mean repeatedly – how lucky she is to have come in when she did. For the weather was absolutely beautiful. 70 degrees, cloudless brilliant blue skies.

X spent the day Friday exploring downtown and the river by herself. I met up with her in the evening after work, and we took a quick stroll up Michigan Avenue just so she could check that off the bucket list. But the highlight of the evening was, after dinner at La Ciudad – our staple Mexican joint – we went by Montrose Harbor to watch the sunset and the moon rise. Happily and fortuitously, the honey moon of June was rising, just 20 minutes after the sunset. A big group of people setting up their gigantic telescopes kind of clued us in.

We stuck around, alternately swatting off the bugs that descended on our bare flesh in the deepening twilight, and alternately snapping pictures of the skyline, until at last, we collectively spied a sliver of red creep up over the horizon. It was a beautiful sight to behold. There were half a dozen sailboats out on the water, and they flitted in and out of the glow of the orange moon as it slowly but surely rose higher and higher into the sky.


So glad we got to share in that moment, especially after a week where the rain clouds hung obstinately low over the city, and on an evening when our friend was in town and we could properly showcase the city of Chicago. The group of folks with their huge telescopes, it turned out, were from the Chicago Astronomers Society, and they very kindly let everyone peek through their telescopes at the moon.

The skies were still a brilliant blue the next morning when we awoke – a perfect time for a spot of slack lining and flying trapeze. X was game enough to let me drag her into whatever I thought was cool, hehe! A couple other friends joined us for their first experience on the flying trapeze as well, and we passed two very pleasant hours on the lake front swinging into the net.


I had a really lovely weekend in all; it’s always fun when friends visit, especially old friends like X who visited all the way from Thailand. We may have but few opportunities to catch up over the years since middle school, but thanks to social media, we’ve managed to keep more or less in touch with each other so that time seems to melt away. Hopefully we’ll have more such opportunities to meet up again in the future!


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