A quick tour of Finger Lakes

Over the fourth of July long weekend, we did a road trip with Jeff’s parents and Joe. After our epic road trip out west a month earlier, we should have been seasoned, but the 6 hour plus drive from NYC still felt pretty long. I guess the Infinity isn’t nearly as comfortable as our Lexus SUV. Everyone complained of cramps and sore asses haha.

We lucked out with the weather though. It was the same weekend where Hurricane Andrew was pounding the coast. Although our flight into NYC was delayed some 5 hours, the weather in the Finger Lakes was gorgeous.

Hit up 4 wineries over the 3-day weekend: Hermann J. Wiemer, Anthony Road, Dr. Konstantin Frank, and Ravines. Our favorite was the last. Even though the tasting room was the most crowded and our host appeared harried trying to pour for 4 different groups at once, the wines were delicious. Alsace style – more lean and dry than the semi-sweet versions so favored in the other wineries. I steered clear of the reds, sticking to just the rieslings and dessert wines. Just can’t get past how extracted the reds are – I didn’t even want to taste some of them after just sniffing at the glass. We’d bought a couple of the rieslings though, but didn’t want the hassle, and just contented with tasting.

We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast in Keuka Lake, Robertson Inn, a house that was built in the mid-19th century. Genial hosts who made simple but delicious and hearty breakfasts. ๐Ÿ™‚ The house itself is in town, away from the lake. And because most of Keuka Lake is surrounded by privately owned houses, we only had glimpses of the lake from the road. Ah well. But we did have much more scenic views of Lake Seneca and Lake Ithaca on our drives.

Visited Jeff and Joe’s alma mater, Cornell. What a beautiful, sprawling campus! It was Jeff’s first visit back after graduation, and he was excited to revisit his old haunts, and check out sights that he’d never been to too.

From Travel, a Journey through Time

So happy we managed to squeeze in a quick stop at Watkin’s Glen early Sunday morning, and that we went right at dawn – not only did we not have to pay, it was so quiet and peaceful and I could set up my tripod wherever and snap to my heart’s content. Made it back to our B&B in time for breakfast with Jeff’s parents

Another highlight of the weekend – driving back from Watkins Glen to Keuka Lake on Sunday morning, we passed what seemed like the state’s population of Amish on the move. Girls in long flowery dresses and bonnets, boys in black bowling hats, white shirts with suspenders on black slacks, all riding along the side of the roads. And horse carriages with the elderly and young children. We felt like we were transported back in time – or had wandered onto the set of Downtown Abbey. ๐Ÿ™‚


We didn’t really have much time to spend in the city itself, but we did have just enough time after we’d returned the rental car to stop by Misoya Ramen for dinner. So good!


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