Summer, jump started

Finally, a completely sunny weekend filled with summer-y activities!

Got in our first sail of the season on Friday evening, and realized that we still have 8 more hours on our punch card from 2012 because we only went out one measly time last year! It was a perfect evening to be out on the water too: decent steady winds of 10-15 knots, calm waters, beautiful late afternoon light. We took turns sailing down to North Avenue beach and back.

On Saturday, we joined S+E out on the Des Plaines River Trail for a bike ride. We’d attempted the same route last year, but had to give up 15 miles in because Jeff got a flat tire and no one thought to bring a patch kit. This year, we were armed and ready, but didn’t have need for it and managed a good 31 mile round trip cycle. Earned that dinner and wine after! 🙂

Sunday, we made it to the climbing gym for the first time in erm, 2 months. Hehe. Got in two solid hours of climbing, though my stamina was clearly lacking after the long hiatus. Earned that delicious lunch at Ginger and Garlic after though. Heh.

In all, mighty pleased with the weekend’s shenanigans. This next weekend, we’ve plans for some biking and canoeing, but so far the weather looks like it might act up again. Fingers crossed!


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