Misty morning sail

Early morning last Sunday – 6am to be precise – my alarm rang and I sleepily propped open one eye. The sun should have been rising at that time, but I couldn’t see any rays streaming in through the blinds. I’d wanted to go out to the lake to take yet more pictures of the Chicago skyline, but the lighting, from my vantage point in bed, didn’t seem too promising, so I rolled back over to sleep.

The second alarm rang again at 730. We’d booked an early morning sail. Groggily I trotted to the window this time and peered out. It looked gloomy. Jeff was already up and on the phone with Chicago Sailing, enquiring about the conditions out. It was foggy but the office didn’t seem inclined to let us change our reservations so we decided to just suck it up and get out on the water.

To be honest, I was quite grouchy as we pulled up to the dock on our bikes. Not only was it completely foggy, the air was damp and chilly. But we were already awake, so we rigged up the boat and pushed off.

Given the conditions and the time of the day, we were the only boat out. The wind was a steady 10 plus knots north east, and because we couldn’t see the downtown skyline, I decided to point the boat north towards Montrose Harbor on a close haul.

It was fun sailing! My grumpiness quickly dissipated as the boat moved along on a steady clip, buoyed by the persistent breeze. We amused ourselves pretending we were halfway across the ocean, searching for new land.

At the end of the two hours, we eased our way back to dock, only to learn that the sailing office had allowed everyone else the option of canceling their reservations because of the fog. Glad we made it out though – it was the best sailing we’d had in a long while!


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