Wandering around New York City

For the second weekend in a row, I was in New York City. On Saturday morning, I roused early, and strolled over to Chinatown from Battery Park for dim sum with a friend. She’s from Australia, and after dim sum, she brought me over to an Aussie coffee shop down the street for a most delicious cup of flat white. Hehe, I was quite amused when she proceeded to list me all the other restaurants run by Aussies in the city that I had to hit up the next time.

After I left her, I walked north along Broadway, through Soho, past Union Square, up to Morgan Library and Museum. Jeff had been before, and had raved about it, so I stopped by for a look see. It’s a lavishly and gorgeously appointed study and library, the latter which is lined floor to ceilings with leather bound books.




Joe met me at the library, and from there we continued to trek up north on Broadway, turning eastwards to Hell’s Kitchen to avoid the rush of pedestrians in Times Square. We arrived at Lincoln Center in time for our dinner reservations at Boulud Sud. After yet another satisfying meal, I crossed the street alone to Lincoln Center for the opera.





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