Gah, I didn’t do myself any favors last night, when, despite nursing for two days a really stiff and sore shoulder, I went to my usual flying trapeze class. I’d already missed the week before from the flu, and was loathe to miss another class. It hurt though, every time I grasped that bar in my hands and swung off the platform, that releasing and landing into the net was sweet relief. Yet, I’m glad I went for the class – continued working on my roll ups, and in the catch round, I successfully returned to the board! Ok, technically, I planted both feet solidly on the platform after my uprise catch and return, but did not let go of the bar to fully get back to the board. Still.

This morning though, I can no longer turn my head. Thank goodness my office chair is a swivel one. But I’m counting down the hours till I can run to a masseuse and work out those stubborn kinks.


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