Nez Du Vin Tasting

Bill organized a Nez Du Vin Tasting last Saturday. I’ve always wanted to attend one, and it was great fun. He laid out 25 different vials of scents, scattered all over three floors of the house. Each scent was accompanied by 1-3 bottles of wine that is best evocative of the scent, bottles that he’d carefully and painstakingly picked out.

We wandered around, sampling each wine, until about halfway through that I decided it might be more prudent to spit. 🙂

Some of the tastes:

Violet – I don’t think I ever quite knew the aroma of violet until I waved the little cup of essence in front of my nose. It’s more of a stemmy scent that floral, though Irene said it reminded her of the hard candy in a tin that her dad used to buy her. In Italian wines, this scent can be found in Brunello di Montalcino, like the one we tasted. In French wines, from Bordeaux and Burgundy.

Coffee: Heady notes of coffee in this one. According to the notes on the back of the card, we could get some of this taste in an old vintage Champagne. Neat.

Bilberry – in English, or Blueberry in American. This was one of the favorite notes of the evening, both the La Jota Vineyard Howell Mountain Cabernet Franc and the Numina Spirit Vineyard Cabernet Franc from Mendoza were delicious. Bright luscious fruit, very refreshing.


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