Christmas in New York


We spent quite a number of lovely – if a little rainy – days in New York this Christmas.

Visited with family, including a niece who just turned one and who is, inexplicably, terrified of me. She seemed fine when we celebrated her birthday on Sunday, but when I next saw her on Christmas Eve, she burst into tears every time she caught sight of me. True story. We even tested it out with the masks we brought back from Sleep No More. She let me approach with mask on, and gazed at me quite curiously. But as soon as I whipped the mask off, she would scrunch up her face and whine again. What did I do?! Joe said it could be because I don’t do baby talk with her, unlike everyone else. Lol. Oh well, it’s not like I’ll be around to terrorize her often anyway.

Apart from that, we also managed to hit the climbing gym twice. It is cool to see that Joe has really gotten into climbing, so much so that he goes at least twice a week and spends his down time watching climbing videos. Can’t wait to go outdoors climbing with him.

Met up with some friends for dinner too. It’s funny how many of them have gravitated to the city in the last few years, though almost everyone says they want to move somewhere else, somewhere where they don’t live in an exorbitantly expensive shoebox.

Anyway, we are back in Chicago again. Back to packing and living amongst beasts of neighbors.

Merry Christmas!


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