Travel in 2014

Another fun year of travel! And gosh, as I attempt to log our travels this year I just realized the only month we stayed in Chicago was in March. Oof.

End January: Went skiing in Colorado, again. While we were getting tired of the drive to the mountains, and the scenery (first world problems I know!), skiing in Colorado is still fun because we get to catch up with old friends who have since moved to the mountains.

February: Missed my trip out to NYC thanks to fog and rain and flight cancellations. Jeff got to go though. Made up for it by tramping around the wintry shorelines of Lake Michigan, snapping photos.

April: Belize! An entire week on a liveaboard where we fully practiced the divers’ motto of eat, sleep, dive. Initially, we were a little cowed by the prospect of spending our entire time on a small boat, with no other activity than diving. By the end of the trip though, we were mighty sad to disembark the boat!

Philadelphia, for Wendy’s wedding. What a lovely spring day to go around the city for wedding pictures!

NYC. Made it this time! Spent quality time with family, friends, and got my Met opera fix!

June: Long road trip to Wyoming, Utah, and Kansas. Made it to two friends’ weddings, as well as checked off a few national parks and awesome climbs. The long drives were made so much more palatable by the stunning scenery, and the audio books we listened to about the brief history of everything, and the American Civil War.

July: Visited the Finger Lakes with Jeff’s family. Lots of driving, but we snuck in some wine tasting and a tour of Cornell.

August: Checked off my 48th state with a weekend in New Orleans. Lol we are lame – Jeff, L, and I vetoed M’s pleas to check out the jazz bars, much to his disappointment. But the weather was too muggy, and the French Quarter stank to the high heavens of sweat, puke and booze. We really enjoyed the swamp tour though.

September: Norway! R&T invited us over to visit. What a short, but super fun trip – good companionship, hiking, climbing, lighthouse visiting. Love, love, love the desolate scenery in Norway. It’s quite crazy to think that that sprawling country has just the same population as Singapore!

October: NYC again. Went two weekends in a row, the second to catch Anna Netrebko’s electric performance of Macbeth

November: DC for Thanksgiving. As usual, we overloaded with the amazing spread my aunt laid out.

December: NYC one final time, to spend with family and friends. Then onto Singapore where we will usher in the new year!


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