One Night with Federer and Hewitt


Even while we were still in Chicago, Jeff was already scouting for tennis matches to catch in Sydney. He found just the one at the Qantas Credit Union Arena, an exhibition starring Roger Federer and Lleyton Hewitt playing in a Fast4 concept match.

I have to admit, I took almost as much pleasure trying to take photographs as I did watching the match. There were some brilliant serves and rallies that was fun to watch. And the crowd oohed and groaned most appreciatively.


The pictures turned out a little grainy, but then were were seated high up in the bleachers and my lens was only 6.3 f stop wide open, so I had to bump up the ISO to 1600 to get fast enough shots. Midway through the game, an official photographer came totting up next to me by the steps with his gigantic 400mm 2.8f lens. I had the perfect view of his playback screen and goodness, were those pictures sharp and clear! Haha can we say lens envy? Although I’d never lug that lens around – it looks way too heavy!

Anyway, we had a fantastic evening, and our second night in Sydney! Caught Roger’s 1001th victory!


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