One Week in, Sydney


We’ve spent a week in Sydney already! Some highlights…

1. Found and successfully applied for our apartment, which we are scheduled to move into early February. Haha, it’s funny – we were so fussy about what we wanted: view of the water, proximity to ferry lines, grocery… In the end, we fell in love with this airy and sunny town house in the north suburbs that doesn’t have a view of the water, nor is close to a ferry or a grocery store. We might have kept on looking, for that one apartment that fits all checkboxes, but I guess house hunting is like dating. You start out with all these preconceived notions, but what you end up with might be quite different. In any case, we’re happy to be done with the obsessive searching of apartments both online and in situ. Now we can move on to properly exploring Sydney and its surrounds.

2. On Thursday afternoon, we took the ferry over to Manly for a quick look-see. We’d considered moving to Manly, and I wanted to get a feel of the area before we spent time looking for places to live there. Even on a Thursday, Manly felt touristy and crowded. And after 4 years of living by Wrigley Field, we were ready to leave the crowds behind for a quieter area. But, it was really neat to stand by the wharf, look down into the waters, and see a stingray going on its merry way by!

3. On Sunday afternoon, we took the ferry over to Watson’s Bay where my dad’s cousin brought us to her place for a delicious home-cooked meal. It was another glorious day to be out on the water. Lunch was delicious – it’s so nice that we have family here! And at least a couple friends; we also met up with my primary school friend and her husband for dinner on Saturday. We also had a lovely early evening swim with TPR at the Andrew Charlton Pool in the Domain before we strolled over to the grounds to catch Symphony in the Domain.


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