Short Weekend Jaunt to Melbourne for the Australian Open




We stayed in a couple Airbnbs in St. Kilda, and had to make our way to the CBD area to catch the Australian Open. Tried catching one of the trams, but alas, we couldn’t buy tickets on board. Gah. Rather than run around looking for a store to buy the tram tickets from, the three of us decided to just walk. After all, it was a cool morning, and there were lots of interesting cafes, shops, and markets to poke our noses into. We strolled along the Yarra River and briefly around the Botanical Gardens before we found ourselves at the tennis grounds.

Jeff had got us tickets to the Margaret Arena, but tickets were sold out by the time TPR tried to buy. No matter though – we watched a couple of practice sessions outside and then joined the throng lining up for the general admissions at the Hisense Arena. We didn’t have too long a wait before we found pretty prime seats inside, and settled down to watch the games. We soon got pretty into it. Raonic’s match against Johnson was fun to watch, if only to see the former’s epic Aces. We stayed all the way through through Nishikori’s match against Johnson, and got as excited as the Japanese fans cheering for the number 5-seeded player.

Fun day out! I think I enjoyed this Australian Open more than the US Open when we went a few years ago, since I now have a much better appreciation and understanding of the game, having taken classes last year. 🙂 Jeff certainly had a blast. He happily raided the merchandise store, coming away with two hats, two t-shirts, and a mug.


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