Walking Trail: Bondi to Coogee

IMG_2564 IMG_2617 Our initial plan was to wake up at 430am on Australia Day, and get to Wylie’s Baths in Coogee before sunrise to take some sunrise photography. But having walked almost 20km on Sunday in Melbourne and only getting back to our apartment in Sydney at past 10pm, we felt a little lazy. Plus, the forecast for the morning wasn’t great – possible rain. So we reset our alarm clocks for a more manageable 530am. Glad we got the extra hour of shut eye. It was drizzling.

There was a fine mist when we got to the Wylie’s Baths – still a few intrepid swimmers in the tidal pool, as well as in the Coogee cove itself. I love this concept of tidal pools – so cool! Such a safe and yet still natural and gorgeous environment for people to get their swim on! We found a quiet rock pool in a small cove north of Coogee, where Jeff eagerly waded in for a brief dip. Though the pool was protected by rocks, he said the current surge was still strong as the waves washed in and out of it. The wind and rain picked up then, so Jeff wiped himself down and we continued on the trail. Sydney has such beautiful craggy coastlines! So very grateful that we have a chance to call this our backyard, at least for the next couple of years. The scenery actually reminds me a little of Cinque Terre, except much more spread out.

It was a relatively short, but beautiful walk. We took our time, stopping frequently at vantage points to admire the scenery, and at more tidal pools along the way. By 1030am, just over 2 hours in, we ended at the popular Bondi Beach. Even though the skies were still very overcast, with occasional drizzles, there were a dozens of surfers out on the water. We didn’t spend much time ogling them, because we were sleepy and in need of sustenance. Handled both at Bondi Hardware, a cute brunch place where we loaded up on coffee and cocktails. 🙂

First official popular trail checked off. Next!


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