A fun afternoon at the Sydney Trapeze School


On yet another rainy afternoon, I made my way to St Peters again, this time to check out the Sydney Trapeze School. It’s located right behind the climbing gym – convenient, though I’m not sure my hands can take that much abuse one in one sitting.

What fun it was to get back into the swing of things (literally). The guys working at lines and board were super nice, and let me work on my swings when I told them that I’ve flown some back in Chicago. Practiced my swings, split, and uprise (the usual). I like the super bouncy and soft net here. Hehe. Caught my uprise during catch round; missed the returns though, because I’m again too quick off the bar. Need to learn to slow down and really propel myself towards the catcher.

Tempted to sign up for an intensive workshop. Haha, but I think I’ve got more pressing items to cross off my list first!


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