Afternoon swim at Andrew Charlton



Truth be told, I’m going to miss this remote working schedule when it finished end March. Start work at 5am, end at 1pm, with the entire lovely afternoon free to spend.

After I logged off today, I strolled over to Jeff’s office and we walked to Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool, an Olympic-sized salt-water pool near Mrs Macquaries’ Chair outside the Botanical Gardens. Great workout in fantastic weather. 🙂

I caught up with an old college friend who was in town for her best friend’s wedding for a quick coffee yesterday. She’s currently based in Singapore, but taking a 2-month sabbatical to travel the world (so awesome!). When we chatted, she said she’d briefly considered moving to Melbourne, where her company is headquartered, but was reluctant to do so because Australia was so far from everywhere else. For our part though, we’re looking at this as a golden opportunity to explore in more depth this part of the world. There’s so much Sydney and its surrounds has to offer – and it’s just a silver of this huge country! Not to mention, there is New Zealand and all the other islands. Hehe.


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