Checking Out Taronga Zoo

Because Monday in Sydney is still Sunday in Chicago, I had the day off. Decided to check out Taronga Zoo.

So I google mapped directions and found that it was fastest to go via ferry from Darling Harbor. However, what google maps did not tell me was that the ferry running from Darling Harbor is privately run, Captain Cook Cruises, and not one of the Sydney ferries on which I can use my Opal Card. That lesson in miscommunication caused me to miss the ferry I had arrived right on the dot for, and I had to wait 45 minutes to the next one.

Initially, I felt really frustrated by that schedule slip up. But as I basked in the sun, I realized that was silly. I had all the rest of the day, and wasn’t really rushing anywhere (just swimming with Jeff, but he’s flexible). So reminder to self: slow down and go with the flow!

It was a beautiful day to be on the water, once I got on the ferry. The sun shining overhead, a healthy breeze in my hair, sea spray on my skin.

Toranga Zoo, while small, proved to be an excellent place to spend a few hours. Situated on the slopes of a steep hill (tickets included a ride to the top of the zoo by cable car), it afforded unparalled views of the Sydney Opera House, Fort Denison, and the Sydney Harbor Bridge. The exhibits with native Australian species also provided tourists with a great introduction to the animals and reptiles not found elsewhere.


I have to say though, my favorite exhibit was that of a family of three gorillas. I can’t remember the last time I saw one up close – they look so incredibly human but so terrifyingly powerful as well. Well, except his teeny tiny penis. If I only saw him and not his mate, I’d have thought it was a she. But evidently gorillas apparently have the smallest penises of primates.



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