Kayaking the Middle Parramatta River with Sydney Kayaking Meetup


Sunday morning: skies were completely clear. Hot and sunny day ahead. We jumped into Paddy the Passat, and drove up to Five Dock Bay Boat Ramp to join Sydney Kayaking Meetup on a morning exploration of Middle Parramatta River. I’d signed us up, thinking that it was a great way to both see Sydney from a different vantage point and to meet other folks who enjoy kayaking. It’s been too long since we’ve paddled!

Great fun! Although we were somewhat up the river from the Sydney Harbor, the water was still salty, as evident by the salt crystals that quickly encrusted our skin. I think we’ve been spoilt by the fresh Lake Michigan waters! Got to chat with most everyone; some had their own kayaks while others like us rented from the event organizer, Phil. At $30 a head for the three hour paddle, it was quite a good deal.

All in all, a short 8km round trip paddle with a stopover by Cabarita for some coffee and ice cream. Looking forward to the next paddle – perhaps somewhere a little less urban would be neat too!


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